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Visit us in Woodland, California, for top-quality truck accessories including camper shells, bedliner sprays, and utility racks. With more than 16 years of experience, Cal West Truck Accessories provides dependable and affordable truck products. From Leer™ camper shells and lumber racks to bedliner sprays and toolboxes, our truck accessories increase the versatility of your truck. Contact us or visit us on Main Street at Route 102 near Target™ and Costco™. Cal West Truck Accessories has an extensive selection of durable truck accessories including camper shells and bedliner sprays. We sell Leer™ brand camper shells that are available with a lifetime warranty on paint and structure. Van accessories are also available including ladder racks and bulk heads. Contact us today for more information about our dependable products.

ULTRA LININGS uses an advanced Urethane Resin System to produce a highly durable, uniform, non-slip, sprayedon bed liner which conforms to the contour of your truckbed producing a "factory" installed appearance. Once installed, your bed liner will reduce road noise and load vibration, prevent rust and corosion, and permanently protect your investment. Our bed liners are also warp, crack and split resistant making it a maintenance and worry free solution thats backed by a Limited Lifetime Warrnaty!
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